Tuesday, June 2, 2009

They sure don't ease you in!

I'm exactly one week into class and I'm already swamped. It isn't so much work that I can't get it done, but it requires literally ALL of my baby-free time. Today I have 3 cases to brief before class, and I need to prepare for the two quizzes I have this week. That said, it has been the most rewarding and exciting week EVER! I'm already starting to see legal issues in a totally different light. A good example would be the California Supreme Court decision that upheld Proposition 8. Now, as a law student, I'm really interested in reading the courts published decision to find out what their rationale was. If I ever get a moment to read anything other than caselaw, I'll have to get on that. lol

So far we are working on issues of Property, which to date includes finders' keepers laws and adverse possession. Who ever knew that whole cases could be decided based on whether a wallet was found on a table or on the floor, and that you could have a whole class discussion centered on the difference between a "lost" or "mislaid" item. Also, as I mentioned, we have started learning to brief cases. Apparently it is to be expected that as a 1L you will pretty much suck at briefing, but I have to admit it helps you organize the facts and holdings of each case in your mind. They keep telling us that part of the 1L experience is to be hopelessly confused, so I'm just happy we haven't come to that point yet.

On a Judah-bug note, he has been doing pretty well for the last few days, being his usual infectious self during the day and sleeping pretty well at night. We've adjusted his schedule because we get home at about 8:15 right now, but the slightly later bedtime actually seems to be helping him. We also had to move back to 3 naps. He had been doing 2 for a couple weeks but I don't think he was ready yet. We've found that the only way anyone gets any sleep around here is if Judah takes a nap in the evening. So far so good!

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