Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry It's Been So Long!

I figured no one but my husband reads my poor little infant-sized blog, so I wouldn't be missed too much considering he already knows all the stuff I write about here. He insists that he likes reading it and I should update it though (LOVE HIM!), so here goes.
It has been a crazy month. The last couple weeks of class were good, I enjoyed it as usual (Professor L rocks!), but I was starting to get school-fatigue. I felt incredibly guilty about it because I am living my dream, right?! Then it scared me because it was only an 8 week course, and the fall semester will be twice that long. I think it was more all the running around I had to do though. Because we share a car I would have to drop Su off at work, which meant an hour total driving time and Judah getting antsy halfway through the drive back home. Then home for a few hours, getting in playtime, lunch and an afternoon nap, before I had to get him ready to go to one of my parents houses so that I could go to class. After class pick him up, then head home. Get him bathed, fed, and off to bed. Then studying while exhausted. It was a lot. But we all managed to make it through unscathed and my grades stayed up. The final was difficult but I'm pretty sure I did well. I won't know my grade until August 4th, but I'm confident I did well and am just happy on a break and enjoying the summer!!
We've been having a blast -- we took J to the zoo, a family reunion, and today we are headed to the Children's Museum. Since last month he has started crusing all over the place, and we are keeping the video camera very close since we're on "First Step" watch. He's also saying da da da da, but he hasn't used it in reference to the appropriate person, so we're also on "First Word" watch! It's so exciting to see him growing up!! I just want to squeeze and kiss him all the time because I'm just loving him and this age so much, but he is too busy to let mommy hold him too long :-(