Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm really bad at this

OK, so I know I suck at being a blogger. As I said in my last post though I'm pretty sure no one but my husband reads my poor little blog, so I probably wasn't missed.

So since my last post lots has happened. I started working (well, temping), and the J man went to daycare. :-( It is ridiculous how much I miss him but he does so well there and his Daycare Provider is the sweetest woman ever and just loves him to pieces. I literally got offered a job on a Friday and Judah needed to start daycare that Tuesday. It was no problem and she made room for him right away. Then, 2 weeks later, I realized that shuttling him around after daycare to my parents while I went to school was stressful for us all, so she agreed to keep him later twice a week. Miss Vee is really a Godsend and I'm trying to think of something to do for her to show her how much I appreciate her.

As far as the law school portion of this law school mama blog, class started 3 weeks ago and so far it is going really well. Torts is my favorite, followed by Contracts. Legal Writing is pretty much the bane of my existence. I have to say I haven't been studying as much as I did in my summer class but I'm determined to get back on track soon. Speaking of that other class -- I GOT AN A!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAY! The grade distribution came out recently and I noticed that there was only one other A in a class of 23, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. The downside is that I've realized that Professor Lazarus is pretty much the rocking-est professor on the planet, so we might've been a bit spoiled. It's rare to have a professor who is knowledgeable, funny, personable, demanding, etc. all rolled into one. I'm just waiting for the opportunity to take another one of his classes.

So, that's all that's going on. I'm updating this blog when I should be reading negligence cases for class in a few hours, and preparing for being a working mom, law school mom, and single mom when my husband goes to Europe for two weeks on Friday. I gotta say, I'm kinda looking forward to it being just me and Judah. I hope that it is as peaceful and fun as I'm planning, and doesn't end up being me putting out fires for 2 weeks.

In closing, some Judah Bean for your viewing pleasure.