Friday, June 12, 2009

What a week!

I have been beyond frazzled and exhausted this week. Between changing my plans for school and deciding to get a job, Judah's teething, and a bunch of weird happenings, I'm just happy it is pretty much over. I still have to go to my old temp agency today to update my file, but after that I'm off until Monday. I have to say, Wednesday was the most interesting day of all. Wednesday afternoon, Sule called to tell me that he'd rescued a kitten outside his job and asked if I'd come and get it. I had no idea, and still have no idea, what we're going to do with this kitty. But I brought her home and she is extremely cute, and Judah thinks she's so fascinating! She was afraid of him at first but now they're best buds. So after rescuing a kitten, I had to prepare to go to school. The only problem was that both of the sitters I'd lined up weren't available. So I called my professor to tell him I'd be 15 minutes late, and decided to pick Sule up from work at 6 and that he would drop me off at class. We needed gas, but I asked him to wait until he dropped me off because I was already late. Yeah, that worked out great. We promptly ran out of gas on the highway 5 minutes from school. Because I thought we were just running out to get daddy and then going home, Judah was wearing his pajamas, no socks, and had no diaper bag. I win worst mommy of the day. What's ironic is that I had *just* told Sule that we should keep an extra bottle, formula, diapers and wipes in the car for emergencies. Of course I hadn't gotten around to doing that yet. So I missed class on Wednesday and was freaking out about Thursday's quiz. I did well on last week's quiz (6 out of 8, which was the highest grade anybody in the class got), but this week's was supposed to be short answer and the questions were much more difficult. I spoke to one of my classmates about what he'd reviewed, and I just did all my reading and hoped for the best. Lo and behold: a multiple choice quiz! And I rocked it out if I may say so myself. I'll be very surprised if I didn't get all 8 questions right. YAY!

Here are some pictures of Judah and kitty being cute.

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  1. That is too cute for words.

    At least you recovered from your Day of Fail in time to rock out on the quiz!