Tuesday, June 16, 2009

7 out of 8

I was so sure that I had gotten an 8 out of 8 on this quiz. Sadly it wasn't to be. I can take some small comfort in the fact that only 3 of us (out of 23) got 7s and only one person got an 8, but I wanted that one person to be me! Missing that question was purely a function of missing class on Wednesday, because I didn't have a full understanding of what residency by a US citizen in a foreign country meant for diversity jurisdiction, but I suppose it could have been worse. All in all folks seem to have done better on this quiz, but there were still people getting 3s, 4s, and 5s. Is it mean to wonder how they are managing to score so low? I probably am jinxing myself but I'm glad I have a solid "B" right now. I would imagine there are some that are failing the course based on those 2 quizzes. There were a few people who seemed really upset after class. On the one hand I feel bad for them, on the other hand I'm in competition with them for class rank so I hope they continue this trend. See? I'm a cuttthroat lawyer already. According to my calculations, I am either at the top of my class, tied for the top, or very very near the top -- like person 2 or 3. I figure this because I got a 6 on the first quiz, along with several others, and that was the top grade on that quiz. I got a 7 on the second quiz and only one person scored higher. So if that person also got a 6 on the first quiz they would be in the top. But if that person scored a 4 or lower I've got the top spot (or am tied for the top spot). If they scored a 5 we are tied. It's all very complicated and it makes my brain hurt. I wish I knew what everyone else got on both quizzes!!!!! I really, really, really want to be in the top 10% going into the Fall Semester, and in a class of 23 that means being in the top 2. I'm definitely working hard enough.

On a fun note, last night when Sule and Judah came to pick me up from school I brought Judah in to meet some of my classmates. Of course he won them over immediately because that's just how he is. I'm sure they'll be seeing a lot of each other for the next 4 years. I also noticed yesterday that he's getting another tooth! Right on the bottom next to the first one. Cuteness overload, and he isn't even too fussy. I'm so lucky to be this kiddos mom.

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