Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend... And today's the big day!

I am coming off of a fantastic Memorial Day weekend only to be faced with the daunting reality that I start my law school career today. I am a huge bundle of nerves and I feel really silly about it because it's only one class! It isn't like I'm beginning a full time schedule. But this is a for-credit course and my GPA begins today. This probably explains why I could barely sleep last night and woke up feeling sick. I am horrified that something is going to happen to screw everything up, or that I'm going to get there and realize that I'm not as smart as I think. And unfortunately I'm only half joking. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for my books to arrive (thank you, procrastination) and pretty much just fidgeting and worrying.

On a brighter note, we hosted a cookout on Sunday and it was so much fun! My dad is out of town so we utilized his grill and had a small feast, although I learned that you should probably take it easy on the wine when you start at 3pm. By 9 I was out like a light and only got to watch the first quarter of the Cavs game. It's OK though because they lost, so I would have been disappointed if I had stayed up to watch the whole thing. Plus, Judah was up from 3am until 5am, but since I'd been sleeping for 6 hours I was more than happy to stay up with him, so I guess falling asleep early had it's benefit. I should try that more often.

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  1. soo...i'm dying of anticipation here! how was the first day of class?